Leah Hill and Hannah Doty - Stock a poor library (school or otherwise), cloths drive for homeless, help at a retirement home, have fun at the children's hospital, furnish a poor person's house, repair someone's house
  1. Food Drive
  2. Blood Drive
  3. Sell Hemp for donation money
  4. Help homeless
  5. Help economy by buying stuff
  6. Car wash
  7. Donate Hair
  8. Build a Tree house
  9. Visit a hospital with flowers for the children
Sarah Downs, Derek Wagner, Josh F.R., Richie Childs, Chirstian Thomas, and Courtney Jones

Diana, Brittany, Mandy, Natalie (3rd hour): collect food/clothes, adopt a kid from childrens hospital, put on a carnival, do a type of race to raise money, sell t-shirts, car wash

Caroline, Cayli, Scott-: Relay for life, bowling night (bowling for bucks) w/sponsors for food and admission can be either $ or dog/cat food to give to shelters, casino night, sell flowers, bake off, day at the museum, paint balling, go carting
For first hour:

Kori Zedaker: We could sit outside of King Soopers and ask people to maybe buy one extra can of food while shopping to help us donate to a food bank in the Denver area that is in need of food for the homeless. The different choir groups did this for the Bronco's Wives Food Drive in October and we ended up collecting around 3000 cans total. People were usually pretty helpful and it was fairly effective.

Raise money and give it to a senior at arapahoe, who's family is struggling, as a college scholarship.
Raise money for kids who's families are struggling
Put on a day at the park for elementary school kids.
Help repair a house
Raise Money for the Dumb Friends League
-Hannah L, Rea C, Kate S, Ashley H, Christine D

Logan, Blake, and Jordan:
We wanted to do a "Fun in the Sun" type of day where there are slip-n-slides, volleyball, bouncy castles, and many other activities. We were thinking about charging whoever came and then donating that money to some sort of charity.

Plant Trees
Clean up trash at a park
Feed the homeless
Fundraiser for charity
Spend time at a retirement home
Raise money for drilling water wells in Africa
-Kevin Z, Tom O, Gabe W, Justin R

Fundraiser where we donate all proceeds to an organization
carnival for a poor elemantary school
bake sale
car wash and donate proceeds
a fill the boot type fundraiser
adopt a highway to keep clean
-Tyler K, Will W, Davonne H, Amber M

Kelly Dwyer: Spend a day at DenUM (Denver Urban Ministries). They are a food bank, clothing bank, and a job help. We could work to help organize the clothes and put together food kits, they are always looking for help.
Raise money to get a number of King Soopers gift cards and go to downtown Denver and hand them to people who seem to need just a little help

Kendra Viar: I volunteer at a branch of Children's hospital called Kidstreet-its a daycare-type center for kids ages 6 weeks to 6 years with chronic illnesses and disabilities. The staff is a group of nurses and physical/occupational therapists who take care of the medical needs of the kids throughout the day. We could possibly have a fundraiser and raise money to do something for all 20 of them.

Madison Slater: There are numerous foster homes throughout the Denver metro area, containing family-less children waiting to be adopted. I'm sure these kids dont have any oppotunities at spending a day at the zoo or our awesome natural history museum. I suggest we choose a more-than-disserving home, and whether it be one saturday or four, have all of Mrs.Davis's classes take each one of these children to either the zoo or museum and give them a gem-of-a-day in their bleak lives filled with a wonderful pic-nic style lunch, balloons, stuffed animals, temporary tattoos, face painting, photographs and anything else they would be able to cherish in their memories for the rest of their lives. It would be a worry free day to relieve sadness, depression and stress and just to brighten all of their moods while discovering the beauty of life at the zoo or museum.

Nicole Jensen: Volunteer at animal shelters or the Dumb Friends League for a day. Or raise money to support a family or community in Africa.