Our Pexternal image heartpatti_183x228.jpgay it Forward is Moving Forward---we are about to feel the impact of truly giving, just to give. Thank you sweet students for your kindness and willingness to take on your teacher's challenge. I have never been prouder to be a teacher. IHere's how the plan unfolded:

Several students in my 3rd hour, have come up with a way to really affect a student's life in Littleton Public School District. They came to me wanting to host a Bingo night to raise money for a family in need. They wondered if I knew anyone that had a great financial need. I knew just the right student. Mrom Arapahoe, and she has a student that has a terminal illness. My sister contacted the parents, her principal, and we got the ok (plus many happy tears) to move forward with our fundraising efforts. They understand that this is still in the preliminary stages, but that they would love to have the community support and love for their little girl.

May 11th, Friday from 5pm -- 7pm is the night!! Gia's family and Hopkins is getting excited. Mrs. Davis' seniors are busy making plans: bingo, face painting, mascots (h.s. students dressed in costumes), polaroid photos, cookie decorating, family dinner, etc.

(Lauren Fesler and Melissa Bond have done much brainstorming and are coordinating the efforts. Please thank them personally and offer your help and ideas.)

Students to organize the event and get supplies:
Make bingo cards and get bingo "machine": Lauren and Melissa
Make/buy/get donated bingo pieces:
Make/bring cookies (need minimum 25 dozen): 2 dozen--Mrs. Davis;8 dozen-Aubrey D. Katie M. Mandy R.
Get polaroid film (donated?) (need minimum 8 rolls):
external image child_drawing_heart.jpgAttend meeting with Principal Nestoric at Hopkins Elementary: Mrs. Davis, LaurenF, MelissaB

Students to publicize the event (by ticket invite? banners around school? flyers to give to families, teachers, & friends?)
Make flyers to give to AHS teachers:Melissa and Lauren
Make letter to give to Hopkins families and teachers:
Make banners for Hopkins: Sierra, Kylee
1/2 sheet tickets for reminders, to give to Hopkins students: Karen H,Brian H. Julia B

Workers at the Event (if you want to be involved and there are already enough names, add yours anyways...we'll find a spot for you!)
greeters (at least 2): Karen H., Brian H. Julia B
bingo callers (2--taking turns):
face painters (at least 5):Sierra Matlock, Kylee Martens, Natasha Marvi
helium balloons with funny face drawings on them (at least 2): Kelly Edwards, Aaron Anderson
bean bag toss (at least 2):kyle ferguson, jen fezler, lera yavich
polaroid photo (2): Eric and David(oh yaa)
donation-takers (at least 2):kyle ferguson, Kelsey Gibbons
clean-up crew (take down chairs, take out trash, wipe down tables, etc.) (at least 20): Mrs. Davis, Lauren, Melissa, Sierra, Kylee, Billy, Aaron A., Kyle, Danielle A.,Chris E., Natasha Marvi
Win a gold fish- Mitch, Ian, Steve, Conor,Fano
Ice Cream Walk-jared bloch
Bobblehead Buddha (band)- Ian, Billy
Firemen gear and safety booth: Jeremy
Other: Marc Zafferani, Mike Cloud,