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external image lightbulb.jpgList your ideas below. I got this list from Oprah's website; it suggests simple things to do in the following categories. Add your ideas under a dollar amount that you think it would take to do your project --or-- list your project idea below. Put your first name and last initial after your ideas.
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      • I am working with teachers in S. Korea, Shanghai, China, Honolulu, Hawaii, Canada, and Rapid City, South Dakota. Anyone that has an idea to help globally, here's a way to make an impact all together. We all do something nice at the exact time? We have our cell phones text a message all at the same time about paying it forward...keep brainstorming with me!

Ideas to Get You Started (From Oprah) www.changeyourownluck.com

Use these ideas to inspire you as you brainstorm ways to Pay It Forward. Remember, every little bit helps, so whether you buy someone lunch or buy them a car, you are changing lives!
$0 – $25
It's amazing what a few dollars can do. These ideas won't weigh on your wallet, but will make a huge difference for someone else.
· Anonymously pay for gas for strangers
· Buy lunch for a homeless person
· Randomly give away a prepaid transit card for a couple of trips on a bus or train
· Volunteer—it costs nothing but means a lot.
· Buy flowers to cheer up a co-worker
· Write letters to troops serving in Iraq
- Write letters to the Iraqi people too :)
· Clean up a neighborhood park
· Buy a board game for a local children's hospital

$100 – $200
Have a little more to spend? There are a lot of ways to change the world.
· Invite women living in a shelter to a spa day or treat them to a makeover
· Buy school supplies for a needy school
· Buy coats and hand them out to the homeless
· Buy pet food and supplies for the animals at the pound
· Search your local newspaper for stories about people in need and find a way to help them
· Pick up the tab for a family at a restaurant
· Buy theater tickets for parents with a newborn—then babysit!
· Buy food and prepare meals for the elderly in your neighborhood

$1,000 & over
Thinking big? You've seen what $1,000 can do—now it's your turn.
· Buy instruments for a needy school's music class
· Travel to New Orleans and go help build a Habitat home
· Pay for a string quartet to give a concert at a local nursing home
· Donate iPods for soldiers serving in Iraq
· Take a terminally sick friend on a weekend getaway
· Buy a new wardrobe for kids in need
· Help rebuild a home destroyed by a fire
· Make a family's holidays a little brighter by buying all their holiday gifts

· I can't wait to see what projects you all come up with. I have really been thinking about our copy lady. I plan to go to King Soopers, Wal-Mart, etc. and see if they would donate some gift cards for her. I am also going to pay for her kids' lunches, since Carter goes to the same school. I am going to tell the school to give her an anonymous receipt that their lunches are paid through the year. What else...Ask her if I can go redecorate---a little paint here, a little paint there. I know that it's therapeutic. I will buy the paint and do the work for her, or with her, if she wants. Hmm....still thinking. Well, that's a start. Now I just need to get going! ~Mrs. Davis

Our Ideas

· Educate young girls on not having sex. I need some ideas. Leave comments!
  • What about contacting Girls Scouts? Creating a public service announcement that we could post on this site...??
  • * That's noble, but we'd have to be careful. Sex ed is a very political issue. I doubt that many parents would want anyone other than themselves to be teaching their girls about it.
  • * What about lower income middles schools. Do all middle schools have health classes? (kelsey)
· Choose a homeless person to help. Buy him/her a nice outfit, and help him/her apply for some jobs. ~BryonW
· Randomly buy gas for strangers (as suggested above), make a video of their reactions, and put them on youtube. If we can generate enough buzz, we could start accepting donations, and expand to all types of random acts of kindness. ~BryonW

Well Natasha and I thought visiting dogs in the pound or at the Dumb Friends League would be a cheap and simple thing to do. And if possible, maybe even buying a family a dog and helping them get started with basic supplies like toys, bowls, leashes, a kennel, etc. I would think a dog from the Dumb Friends League and all of its attachments would fall under $800??? (Jared and Natasha).
      • We got both our dogs from there and the dog at most is only $95. It does need shots...around $150, plus the toys, bowls, etc. I would think you could donate a dog to a family for around $300. I love this idea. What if we raised the money and then took ads from families?

I think it would be interesting and good to do something for a homeless person. I do like the idea of lunch and maybe a little shopping...? Volunteering is always great, and especially at the children's hospital. It would be really awesome to save up money from the English classes, or the school, and do something big for another country. I've seen what a little money can do to some of the people in Nicaragua, and that would be awesome to help somebody out like that. (Lera)

How about volunteering at low-funded elementary schools?!? We could tutor them in any subject we felt comfortable and afterwards do something with them, like eating lunch with all the kids. Leave me comments! (Ellen)

What if we put on a prom at a senior home? We could play some ot the music they might have listened to in their youth and go early and help the ladies paint their nails. They could wear the clothes they use for church or special occassions. It definetely would not have to be formal, but just a time when they can listen to some music and talk to friends. (Kelly E.)

Since there has been so much snow and obviously more to come before summer, I could shovel one of my elderly neighbors driveway, bring in their newspaper and mail and salt the walk so they don't have to worry about slipping (Kelly E.)

Going off of Kelly's idea, what if we shovled a whole neighborhood or block instead of just one house. I think that would be more helpful to the community. (Chris M)

We could go down to a foster home for children, maybe buy them lunch, take them outside to the park or something. Just to get them out of the house and to have a good time. Give them hope for getting adopted. (Chris M)

You know how when we stay at hotels and collect those little mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner and soap? What if we did a school drive for those and after we collect them we can send them to a shelter or maybe even make little goody bags to give to people who stay at shelter. (Hannah Y.) * As part of my Eagle Scout I collected those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner and found out that if you talk to local hotels, most of them have a few boxes that they are willing to donate to the shelter. The shelter's are also very gratefull when they recieve such a donation. (Rob M)

There's nothing better than a lunch packed by mom with a little note. We could pack lunches like a pb&j sandwich, a banana, some chips and a note and bring them to kids at a school with kids who can't afford to pack a lunch. (Hannah Y.)

I think waiting along the highway and pulling out those individuals who get their cars stuck would be a great way to help out in the snow and in the summer you could look for breakdowns and help out. (Wade C.)

I think we should all pitch in 50-100 dollars. We'd use the money to purchase some flowers as well with fruit/food baskets. We would then deliver these baskets to friends and familys of those people who are held up in the hospital. (Rob M)

I think that something we could do would be that we all chip in a few bucks and with the money that we all collected we could go to king soopers or safeway and buy some bread and sandwich stuff and make sandwiches or something of that sort and hand them out to homeless people downtown. (Jake S)

I really like Ellen's idea of helping out less fortunate kids by mentoring/tutoring them. I know of a couple of organizations which pair up mentors/tutors with kids who need help. Also, I know of an organization which pairs up international students with local students in order to help them better adjust to the US. As for an original idea, I think it would be cool to adopt a stretch of road or a park and clean it up every once in a while, picking up trash and doing general maintenance. (Eric V.)

Walk dogs at the humane society! Its fun and you get exercise. (Kelsey)

I think that donating clothes would help out a lot of homeless people especially since the weather has been so cold lately. Also we could help out at soup kitchens because i'm sure they could really use an extra pair of hands. (Julia B.)

I think that we should donate any kind of good to the homeless. I do not feel that giving them money would be the best idea, merely because we do not know what they will use this for. If we give them clothes, shelter or food though we can know we are helping and making sure our money goes to a good cause. (Mike C.)

Leave really big tips for servers at resturants that don't generate a lot of money (ie: diners). I have come across many servers who are working to pay for college, or support a family. For such a difficult job, they aren't paid very much and rely on tips for their income. Most of them would definitly appreciate the extra money. (Sonja)
It would also be nice to take underpriveledged children in Denver up to the mountains to ski and snowboard, because most of them have never had the oppurtunity to try it. (Sonja)

i think everything just needs to strat in our own lives, help just one of our friends or in our communities... there are plenty of people around us who need help. if we wanted to do something bigger (as a class), we could always go to some kind of a homeless shelter and help everyone out. make a nice meal, get them nice clothes and take them out. for right now we can donate clothes or toys... that is always a great start. (Karen H)

I think if we could get a jar set up for tomorrow (2/15) kids could donate any amount of money to it and someone could take that money over to childrens hospital for the 36 Hours Of Alice. Alice 105.9 is at the hospital for the next two days and they are trying to raise one million dollars. So the sooner the jar got put together the better! (Aaron A)

We could collect money or household items to refurnish or build a new house for some poor farmers in Asia.
(D Archuleta)

Dear Class,
I think we could combine all our money, say 20 dollars per person, and we could buy something for a family. I think our money should go to the Arctic circle. The area and people around the north pole are very cold. i think they are hungry too. Our money would help them alot. We could buy them a big whale or sea lion or something to harvest their ice crops.
Taylor gunter

I think that the combination of the classes money could help some body in need. We should collect money, then decide as a class what to do with it. (Wes G)

I agree with a lot of people that have said we should collect money to help a family in need. However, my personal idea is we could all get like seven or eight dollars each and send girl scout cookies to the troops.
-Andrea Price

We could raise money for half way houses. Where homeless people go to clean up (food and jobs). We could raise this money by a BINGO night. (Lauren, Sierra, Kylee, and Melissa)

We think we should go to a park and clean it up so that children can have a fun and safe place to play. (Anna, Kaela, Justin, Andrew)

I believe that we should all help to build a Habitat for Humanity House for a poor family here in Denver. (Marc Kieran Jen)

I think that we should pitch in $20.00 a kid at Arapahoe High School to get new bathrooms, and i also want to get a group of people to ride down in to Mexico and build house for a family. (Mandy R.)

I think we should help people overseas by collect money from the whole school and donating the money to a needy family in asia or where ever. We can give it to the water buffalo fund. Or we can do what Mandy said and fund a trip to New Orleans to help rebuild neighborhoods...Or we can use that money to get a head start on wish week. Our band "Bobblehead Buddha" is playing during wishweek and is collecting donations and all the ticket money will go to wish week. (Ian L.)

We could take part in the Heifer program and help out families in South Africa. http://www.heifer.org.za/ (Brian H.)
We could help out children in homless shelters by either giving them clothes or food or we could help out children from abused familys. I really like the idea of doing something for the children either by donating something or helping kids out with school. ( Amanda W)

I think we should collect money for a farming family in a lesser developed country. We could buy them a strong animal such as a water buffalo to help them with their work. These families don't have the money to buy an animal on their own and they have no choice but to do all the farm work by hand, like plowing their field. Few areas are lucky if someone nearby owns an animal because they share it so they can all get by. These farms produce very little surplus because they have to eat everything they produce to survive. (Kevin L)

I think we should just collect money from around the school. In the past this seems like it has really worked for Wish Week and things like that. Its so simple and afterward we can decide how we can the money can have the best possible use. (Ben K)

Anna Lee Webster, Jordan Youngblade, and Emily Zeis idea's!
-bring in a band for a fundraiser for one kid
-pass out gift cards to people down town
-pay for peoples food ad fast food/restaurant
-buy clothes for many kids
-make lunches and hand them out
-clean or benefit your neighborhood

Suggestions for each money category was taken from http://www2.oprah.com/presents/2006/pay/challenge/challenge_201.jhtml

Pick up trash in a local neighboorhood (Brendan)

Karyoke Night at a senior citizen place (Marcus)

Go to the inner city and help clean up a park. (Kyle)

Go to the inner city and set up a basketball court, then give kids sporting equipment so they will be able to play. (Cole)

Volunteer at a food kitchen. (Matt S.)

Give homeless people food and other stuff they need. (Austin)

Teach kids to swim/play sports. (Kelsey)

Buy and donate shoes to give to inner city kids. (Cole)

Raise money for someone at Arapahoe who is struggling financially and help pay towards college. (Hannah Doty)

Pick a child who's family is struggling financially, and raise money so they don't have to worry about new clothes. (Hannah Doty)

I agree with lots of other people I think we should raise money for either homless people of a student at Arapahoe that needs it. (Jenn Whelan)

So many wonderful ideas! Each year my family and I adopt a family around the holidays that is not so fortunate. There are many community organizations that have information on needy families in the area (perhaps even going to your school). We call the organization and get information on the family such as # and ages of family members and sometimes even what they would like as a gift. Each person in my family is in charge of choosing a gift for a person in the other family. As the holiday approaches, we wrap and deliver the gifts to the organization and they distribute to the family. (jen)