external image handprintflower.jpgMrs. Davis, an English teacher at Arapahoe High School, challenged her students to contribute positively to the Littleton community before they graduated. They rose to the challenge and have found a way to make a difference:

What is planned?
Arapahoe students have planned the following fun and family-friendly events:
  • * face painting
  • * cookie decorating
  • * bingo
  • * bean bag toss
  • * live music
  • * special visits from costumed characters

Will there be food there?
Through our community’s donations, we will provide a buffet for only $ .00. You do not have to eat to come, but you can have one day off from cooking dinner, and bring your family here! Food selections will be provided by: Qdoba, Cici’s, King Soopers, and others (to be added soon).

What does the money go towards?
Gia’s medical costs and a special visit to Ocean’s Journey

Who is Gia?
Gia is a preschooler in Miss Hurley’s class with terminal brain cancer. Her family has been devastated, but wanted to make sure she feels loved and as ‘normal’ as possible, so they continued her daily routine of coming to Miss Hurley’s classroom. With her dad serving in Iraq and medical expenses mounting, you could truly...
make a difference by coming to our Pay it Forward Project. Gia has made such wonderful friends at Hopkins and simply lights up the room. This bright-eyed, precious little one has played, drawn, dressed up, and learned to read right along with her peers. Pain has been a constant with Gia, but she’s a trooper and loves to learn. Let’s show her how much she’s loved and allow her to have a fun night by just being a kid.

The cost is free, but we would love to accept your donations!

If you cannot attend, or would like to send a donation before the event, please send checks payable to: .
Mail the donation to: Arapahoe High School
% Michele Davis
2201 E. Dry Creek Rd.
Centennial, CO 80122

Any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., please write to Michele Davis at: mjdavis95@gmail.com


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