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What an incredible outpouring of our LPS community. We fed 256 people with our community sponsored food, played games straight for 3 hours and raised over $6000 for Gia and the Campo family. Thank you, precious students for your efforts, your time, and your giving hearts. This family, Hopkins Elementary, your teacher...will never be the same. Thank you for Paying it Forward. I hope you will continue this tradition, even in small ways. I will never forget the seniors and freshmen I was privileged to teach Spring 2007. (MANY more pictures to come!)

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Melissa and Lauren, you have inspired us with your grand idea. Thank you, thank you for your efforts!

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external image 100_1036.jpg?imgmax=800Click on this link to see pictures from our amazing night for little Gia! http://picasaweb.google.com/mjdavis95/PayItForward02