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1. Great ideas, guys. I knew you could put your minds together and think of wonderful contributions. Two things I want you to consider: 1) how can we capture your good deeds? and 2) should this be a grade?

Write your thoughts about those questions here (either with names or anonymously).

1) I think a great way of capturing our deeds is by pictures either making a collage or a scrapbook page. I would be willing to take all the pictures if needed. Im split on the grade vote. I think it would be nice to get credit for our work, but hard to grade fairly. Maybe it could be an assignment where our credit will be in making someones day better =) (Amy S)

2. I think that pictures or maybe even video would be good, depending on the size of this, or just have a lot of people come. For grading, i think it should be something like a participation type thing. As long as you bring what you needed to bring and show up to the thing (or do what is need) then its full credit. Getting a grade for helping out sort of takes away the sicerity though... (Patrick R.)

3) I think that it would be a great idea to combine a bunch of ideas together to create a big event for either something or someone. We should also take alot of pictures and keep track of all the events and make a notebook or scrap book for it. I think that you should atleast take a participation grade or some kind of grading to help influence more people and it could also help some grades. (Mandy N)

4) I agree with everyone else above, that really making a scrapbook page for each group's/ the class's projects would be a really fun and creative way to showcase what we did. I think that there is really no fair way to grade the projects, so I think that we should either get participation grades for our efforts or extra credit for what were are able to show to the class about our projects. (Kori Z.)

5) I also like the idea of doing a big event and capturing it through photos or a video. The idea of making a scrapbook sounds great! As fair as the grade, I think that grading takes away the purpose of doing a kind act for someone, or multiple people. However, I think that a participation grade would be appropriate, because it would make sure everyone does something and it could help grades. (Christine D)

6.) I like the idea of doing something with the entire class rather than idividualy. I agree with Kori and Christine that we should scrapbook or make a video of this. Grade wise we should be graded on participation rather than how we are normaly graded. The grade should not be the only motivation for this project. Like I said we should get involved in it by taking a video or something like that. (Hannah L)

7.) I think an awesome way to capture our good deeds are through pictures and possibly short video clips. We could then incorporate those pictures and/or video clips to some sort of photostory. I don't think we should get a grade for doing a good deed, but something like receiving ten points extra credit for being involved could be a good idea. (Jordan C.)

8.) I agree with everyone, that we should make a scrapbook page a take a lot of pictures. I also thinka video would be a good idea, and it would be a cool way to show what we did. I think that we should either get a participation grade for those who actually help, or just extra credit because it should not be the motivation to help out just to get a grade. (Emily Z)

9.) I think that if there ends up being some sort of "grade" for this it should be like a drop grade/get out of future assignment type of thing because the time we spend in our efforts could take the place of time we would spend doing an assignment. (Kyle S)

10.) I think Amy has a great idea, i think that something should be done by us to show our accomplishments. I think that if we compose some sort of project to show what we have done, it would be fair enough to grade. And maybe just a participation grade for our actual event. (Brittany D)

11.) I think a good way to get good coverage of this project is to get a local news agancy or local radio broadcaster involved. If we come up with a unique and eye catching idea that's big enough to get that kind of coverage then we may have more support than we originally planned on which is awesome. The grade should definetly be based participation. (Brendan Z)

12) I think that just something as simple as a picture or pictures of the sight of what we did would be awesome! and i thought that the photo story was a good idea! And, i dont think that a grade is necessary on this particular project! I think that the people that truely want to participate will, and if it is forced, the people that dont really want to will only go for the grade. So to truly pay it forward, the people involved have to be 100% willing and it should be selfless. But maybe depending on amount of participation extra credit could be earned? It doesnt matter to me really. (jordan youngblade)

13) A scrap book or slide show of pictures from whatever we do would be a good idea. Personally, I think the project should count as our final. ;)
Otherwise, either extra credit or a participation grade would be fine. (Kendra Viar)

14) I think that we should encourage others to help through our deeds alone and not make it into a publicity stunt by having cameras recording and fiming the whole thing making it seem rather fake. I also think that everyone should get a grade but the whole class get the same grade that reflects what we do, but if everyone gets the same grade there may be less people that show up at the event but the people that only care about the grade are probably the people we don't want there anyways (Matt S.)

I love how everyone does the same formatting as the first person. lets not be boring. I say we all get matching tats of the deeds we do! Jake Wil$on