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WELCOME TO THE Pay It Forward Wiki! We are using this space to brainstorm project ideas and eventually propose a plan to give back to our community. We are students attending Arapahoe High School who are currently reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Amazed by the content, the satire at times seems far-fetched and unrealistic. However, we are finding connections and evidence that our world is closer than many of us would like to his dystopia. So I asked my students: how are you going to make a difference so that our world doesn't lose individualism, morals, freedom of religion and thoughts and speech, etc.? We watched the following 2 videos to gain understanding of the concept of giving. Join us in viewing these videos; thank you to YouTube for hosting free clips; what a wealth of information is found there!

Teachers: If you have found us and would like questions answered, feel free to join the discussion above! We hope you feel inspired and want to create water buffalo projects for your students as well (see the moview below to understand further). I look forward to seeing where we can go!

The 1st link is provided by Zachr--thanks!...and is used here to understand the Pay It Forward concept:

The following link is from The Fischbowl's blog. Scroll down to the post: Change the World -- One Water Buffalo At a Time. This phenomenal video provides one look at making a difference. (You can click the link Water Buffalo as well. This video moved me and I hope it will inspire you to figure out your own water buffalo project). So, I ask: what is going to be your WATER BUFFALO?